Welcome to the shared economy. Founders Junction is a network for Startup Tech & Blockchain Entrepreneurs to share, collaborate , grow together and connect with VC/PE/FO. Entrepreneurs at Founders Junction are people you want to spend time with. It like meeting your own tribe. Similar struggle , challenges and aspiration. Entrepreneurs those who have been there and done it. Founders at founders junction get through challenges together and celebrate every achievement.

Founders interact daily on our private messenger app and meet once every month and discuss about how to raise angel funding , how to negotiate series A , how to value a company , how to build a team , whom to seek for legal advise , outsource tech development etc The channel will share on a daily basis news on VC/FO/PE , which VC are funding which projects , Case Studies both Success and Failures, Networking Meetups , Events & Workshops etc

Founders Junction also provides Crowdfunding launch services for Startups and SME and helps early stage tech entrepreneurs connect the dots as a catalyst from Ideation to funding & Market Penetration. Founders Junction is a Strategy Advisor to below Blockchain Projects.


  1. https://zoreum.com/

  2. http://www.asiatokenfund.com/

  3. https://www.bitfia.io/

To Join Founders Junction one needs to request an invitation by registering or if you are referred by one of our members you are eligible to join. We will review your linkedin profile before we qualify. You will abide by our no selling policy.  Admin will remove a member after giving a warning if the member continues to not abide by members policy.

Market And Competition

Why Founders Junction p2p Network. With people opening up to the shared economy more and more individuals are moving to Peer-to-Peer Network. The sharing economy is on the rise across various sectors. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the sharing economy will globally generate potential revenue of $335 billion by 2025.

At a certain point in a companies history, people become your best capital and your biggest asset and if you get the wrong people or partners or advisors, it is literally the difference between success and failure. At founders Junction we help you connect with the right people i.e functional experts ,those who have been there and done it so they can tell you what and how to do or even do it for you and find the right people for you.  Founders can raise funding from within the Founders Junction network , collaborate or outsource to tech developers or accountants , seek legal advise, meet a cofounder , strategy consultant  or even share idle products and services with other startups including workspace the possibilities are endless.

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